Which Data Entry Software Should You Use?

Which Data Entry Software Should You Use?

When choosing the right data entry software for your company, consider how effective it is. Data entry software can increase accuracy by ensuring that the data is correct and properly inputted into core business programs. It can also ensure that no information is incomplete or contains errors, saving you time and money. Data entry software also makes everyday business operations simpler, saving your organization money and time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry. It eliminates the need to spend money on outdated processes.

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is a great tool for data entry. It allows you to create custom forms for different purposes, and it also lets you share your forms with other people. You can even share the link to your forms with others, which can help you track referrals. It also allows you to create mail merge documents, and you can use Zoho Writer to create custom messages. This will help you save time because you will no longer have to type each field in the same way.

You can also track form traffic with Zoho Forms. It generates a unique campaign URL for your form, and you can customize the information on the campaign. There are many pre-built integrations with other programs, such as MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns. This feature allows you to get the data you need in a matter of minutes, so you can focus on other projects.

Zoho Forms is a drag-and-drop online form builder that makes data entry quick and easy. It is easy to customize on multiple levels and integrates with Zoho products, Google Apps, and Salesforce. Zoho Forms offers a free trial as well as four different pricing plans, which give you the flexibility to choose what works best for you. Once you sign up, you can customize your forms with built-in apps and email notifications.


Foxtrot data entry software is a cloud-based application that automates manual processes and data tasks. It caters to various industries and has three distinct components: the Script Center, View Center, and RunCenter. The Script Center allows users to create and modify tasks, while the View Center and RunCenter allow users to customize the speed of scripts. In addition, Foxtrot includes web scraping functionality, which helps businesses obtain customer information from the internet.

While most companies still use manual data entry, Foxtrot is able to automate large data entry tasks in a matter of minutes. The technology works with any type of application, allowing businesses to enter data without relying on human input. By eliminating manual data entry, FoxtrotOne helps businesses run more efficiently. The software also allows users to save time and money. A small investment in Foxtrot data entry software can make a big difference to your bottom line.

EnableSoft, Inc., is a Florida-based company that has helped companies save time, and money, and improve productivity. It serves over 500 corporate clients around the world, including large banks. In addition to automating data entry tasks, Foxtrot software also has a human-like interface and provides a free 30-day trial. It is currently being deployed by Seacoast Bank, Rytech, and Scott & White Health Plan, among others.


Infinity is a data entry software. It comes with a variety of input types such as text, check boxes, and dates. It can also be customized to display data in a variety of different formats. It offers multiple views to make it easier to enter information. Infinity also allows for third-party integrations, such as QuickBooks. It costs $249 for a one-time license and includes up to 10 collaborators.

Infinity helps you collaborate with your team by offering features for collaboration, storing important files, and organizing projects. It has flexible pricing and lifetime offers, which make it an affordable option. Infinity offers many benefits, including an intuitive interface and 5,000 GB of storage space. It also offers integrations and connections with other tools and platforms. It lets you work with all types of devices. It is suitable for all types of industries and is user-friendly.

Infinity has a one-time payment plan and a subscription plan for businesses. It has a data entry dashboard and white labeling. However, some users have complained about limited functionalities. As with any data entry software, the price is quite affordable and there is a free trial available. It also offers discounts for higher volumes. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see for yourself that it’s worth the money.


Evercontact data entry software is an excellent option for companies that need to automate the process of entering contact information. It can import and update data from most applications, and it can even import information from more than five years ago. Users can import data from most web pages as well. Users can also set up multiple email accounts and centralize address books with Evercontact. For more information, visit Evercontact.com. But do you need to have a web presence in order to use Evercontact? Here are some reasons to consider it.

One of the most convenient features of this software is its ability to capture contact information automatically from your email inbox. It works by scanning email signatures and saving them in Evercontact. It is also compatible with other popular email programs, including Gmail and Outlook. It also supports Salesforce and Highrise CRM, and it can also work with Google Apps. You can try Evercontact for free to see whether it’s right for your company.

Its data management capabilities are a big plus. It can automatically process large volumes of data. It can also eliminate duplicates and reduce the human error factor. All in all, it’s an excellent option for companies that need to collect customer data in an efficient manner. You can even integrate it with your existing tools and apps. It’s also scalable, which is essential for businesses that want to streamline the process of entering customer data.

ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a software solution that helps businesses capture, sort, and store data. This technology leverages powerful barcode recognition technology. It can read a variety of documents and extract barcodes from them. It is a neural network based, which means it can read arbitrary shapes and aspect ratios. This technology also works with various formats, including PDF and XML.

ABBYY FlexiCapture is available as an on-premise and cloud-based document processing software. The system is designed to handle various types of documents and can process them automatically. It has machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced recognition capabilities. It is capable of extracting information automatically from multiple channels and is compatible with several formats. It also provides an option to export images to PDF files.

Invoice processing is another area where ABBYY FlexiCapture excels. Its intelligent, scalable, and flexible technology helps businesses eliminate labor-intensive data entry processes and reduce overall costs. It also provides predefined settings and advanced database lookup capabilities. Using the software for data entry will allow you to process invoices faster and more accurately. It will save time and money for both you and your customers.


If you’re a data entry worker, ScanWriter is a program that can read virtually any digital document. From checks to invoices, from wire transfers to cell phone records, ScanWriter can read them all. It even has the ability to segregate data by location, entity, date, category, and other criteria. Users can customize their files and generate reports that include this information. The software includes training videos and webinars and is available on-premise and cloud-based deployment. It also comes with a free trial, so you can check out how it works before you buy it.

While many data entry software runs through cloud-based servers, they often pose security concerns. ScanWriter’s exclusive in-house systems ensure data entry security and privacy. The company’s state-of-the-art SMP processing servers offer industry-standard firewall software, 24/7 maintenance, and instantly scalable storage. In addition to this, the software takes minutes to read documents and automatically attaches files when they’re finished.

Users of ScanWriter software for data entry will enjoy the ease of setup. It includes easy step-by-step instructions so there’s no learning curve. It is also compatible with CSV, XML, and SAS formats. Lastly, users of ScanWriter software for data entry can export their data for statistical analysis, as well as export it to different formats for use in other programs.


Using GoCanvas software for data entry eliminates paperwork and speeds up data collection. Its flexible forms can include signatures, GPS coordinates, and pre-populated fields. It can also hide fields that are not necessary and can be used offline. The software is available for Mac, Windows, and Android. With a mobile app, you can even use the software from anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you’re collecting data for your company or conducting fieldwork, GoCanvas can help you.

GoCanvas supports customer lists, so you can select the right customer from a drop-down list or from a customer database. The software can auto-populate the required information so that the data you enter is accurate. You can also export a customer list from Quickbooks or another software and import it into GoCanvas. Using reference data, you can streamline business processes and save time and money. Aside from data entry, GoCanvas also supports other tasks like time cards and image capture.

GoCanvas is a popular cloud-based service that offers mobile apps and specialized apps for various business genres. You can also use GoCanvas on desktops and laptops using its desktop client. It can also integrate with third-party apps. However, the software does not support multifunction printers or OCR. There is a free version of the software that allows you to work with it on your desktop or laptop.

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